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I recently stumbled upon a post from a new entrepreneur, pouring her heart out about the fear of announcing her business on social media. It got me thinking about the universal struggle we all face – the nerve-wracking feeling of putting ourselves out there.

I get it. The anticipation, the anxiety – it's all part of the package. But here's a little nugget of wisdom my mom shared with me (backed by science, mind you): nervousness and excitement feel the same in our brains. This means that whether we are scared or looking forward to something, it can be challenging for us to truly know the difference.

So, my advice to our courageous fellow fempreneur was simple – lean into the excitement. Remind yourself that those jitters are just a sign that you're on the brink of something amazing! Sure, maybe there is some sort of element of fear in there, but wouldn't you rather view it as an opportunity and go for it to find out what will happen vs. living in the "what could have been" phase of life that fear tries to keep us in?

All those nagging doubts – "What will happen when I post?", "What will people think?" – they tend to quiet down when you focus on the thrill of sharing what you do! Lean into your niche and let that fill you with confidence! It's like a magic trick for silencing the inner critic, or what the internet mostly refers to as "imposter syndrome".

Mama, are you hesitating to share your business journey? Does imposter syndrome whisper that you're not good enough to show up alongside of the "established experts"? I've got some homework for you...

Homework: Just hit post, mama! And if you need an extra boost of love afterward, tag me in the comments (@thechameleonva on Facebook & Instagram) so I can be there to support you.

And here's a little secret – even if fear tries to creep in, remember, you're in a fantastic spot starting fresh. Not everyone is paying attention right now, so take off that pressure and savor every moment of your new adventure!

Don't believe me on that one? Think about all the posts you scroll by where you don't give even one second of your energy to...

See? So use this time to practice your messaging so you can really connect with your audience and stand out as the expert you are.

Who Is The Chameleon VA?

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Jessica Paxton is the owner of The Chameleon VA , your go-to “Niche Expert”!

As a Virtual Advisor, she helps freelancing moms confidently discover their “it factor” & profitable niche so they can attract the right customers, achieve financial freedom, & experience more life with their family.

Jessica has worked with Celebrity Coaches, International Bestselling Authors, Keynote Speakers, as well as Mompreneurs and Family-Owned Businesses in a variety of industries.

When working with Jessica, you will learn how to market with clarity & sell with confidence. Her motto “I blend in so YOU can stand out”™️ truly emphasizes her goal to not only provide the tools you need to create a powerful brand, but also to support both your personal and professional goals.

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