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Hey there, mama! Ever find yourself wondering, "What do I want to be when I grow up?" 

This question hits home even more for freelancing moms like us who juggle both work and family.

Recently, I read a post from another mom freelancer who was struggling with this same question.

She said, "I need help deciding what to be when I grow up. I’m not creative, so social media management isn’t for me. I’m great at data entry and spreadsheets, but I don’t know how to use that. Any thoughts?"

Her honesty got me thinking. So, I reached out to her to see if there was more to her interests than she realized.

Our conversation turned into something really special.

I asked her if anything about social media management interested her, aside from creating content. She admitted she was intrigued by customer interaction—a clue that helped us figure out where to go next.

But she had worries, like many of us do. She didn’t want to spend more money on something she might not enjoy. Yet, she craved the freedom and fulfillment that freelancing offers.

I assured her that taking that first step, though scary, would lead to clarity. We dug into her skills and passions, untangling her doubts and fears. Slowly, the uncertainty turned into excitement for what could be.

"I like helping people," she said, her response gaining confidence.

With that, a new path opened up—one where she could use her talents to make a difference. Together, we explored this idea, shifting her focus from "What can I do?" to "Who can I help?"

While she's still navigating her journey, there's at least some progress. Our conversation shed some light and brought her a little closer to finding her niche.

Her journey reminds us that even in uncertain times, there's clarity to be found. And though the road may be bumpy, courage is always within reach.

So mama, remember: you're not alone, and your path is yours to create.

And if you need the same guidance and encouragement, then let's work together to uncover your unique strengths and find your niche with confidence.

Who Is The Chameleon VA?

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Jessica Paxton is the owner of The Chameleon VA , your go-to “Niche Expert”!

As a Virtual Advisor, she helps freelancing moms confidently discover their “it factor” & profitable niche so they can attract the right customers, achieve financial freedom, & experience more life with their family.

Jessica has worked with Celebrity Coaches, International Bestselling Authors, Keynote Speakers, as well as Mompreneurs and Family-Owned Businesses in a variety of industries.

When working with Jessica, you will learn how to market with clarity & sell with confidence. Her motto “I blend in so YOU can stand out”™️ truly emphasizes her goal to not only provide the tools you need to create a powerful brand, but also to support both your personal and professional goals.

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